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July 05, 2006

iPhoto RAW Workflow

The “low end” in Low End DSLR extends to the software that I use for editing photos. Up until recently, that was Photoshop 7, since I have not upgraded to either CS version yet, along with the File Viewer Utility and Digital Photo Professional software from Canon (both included with the camera). I used the Canon software to view the RAW files and make my selects for additional editing in Photoshop after exporting them.

While this worked, it wasn’t anything approaching an optimal workflow. In fact it was too frustrating, slow and awkward to really be called a workflow, more like a work bottleneck. Add to this that I was doing this on an 867MHz 12-inch PowerBook G4, and you can see where much of the frustration came in (not to mention the lack of USB 2.0 for importing the photos onto the PowerBook to further add to the bottleneck).

With the acquisition of a G5 iMac (reasons for purchasing that are detailed at iBlog), the workflow has improved. Included in the iMac is the latest version of iLife, including iPhoto 6. This update to iPhoto has greatly improved RAW support and handling, along with an increase in the number of photos it can handle, and the speed with which it deals with them.

After having worked with the software for some time, I have begun to fall into some patterns of use that can reasonably be called a workflow. I’m sure this will be refined as I continue to discover new ways to work with the software, and my even be replaced at some point in the future should I upgrade Photoshop or even to Lightbox or Aperture. But for now this is a good low end workflow.

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July 03, 2006

Sabino Canyon in Black and White

A black and white picture of mountains, clouds and cactus

This conversion was done in iPhoto using the Adjust HUD to control saturation and add a slight blue tint by changing the white balance temperature.

1/200, f/2.8, 54mm, iso 100

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March 08, 2006

iPhoto plugins updated

Keyword Assistant has been updated for compatibility with iPhoto versions up to 6.02. This is good news, as I had been forced to use iPhoto’s awkward keyword handling since updating to 6.02.

In related news, FlickrExport has also been updated and now supports Intel Macs.

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